How To Delete A Teamspace In Notion?

How To Delete A Teamspace In Notion?

Although various strategies exist for maintaining a tidy and organized Notion dashboard, it remains essential to eliminate outdated content. Without such action, your Notion environment risks turning into a storage space filled with unused folders and teamspaces, hindering your ability to concentrate on active projects.

Navigating through Notion's collaborative and versatile workspace sometimes requires tidying up and making hard decisions, such as deleting a teamspace. Whether it's due to the conclusion of a project, restructuring of teams, or simply a desire to declutter your digital workspace, understanding how to properly delete a teamspace in Notion is crucial. This process ensures that you maintain an organized and efficient working environment, conducive to productivity and focus. In the following guide, we'll walk you through the necessary steps to delete a teamspace in Notion, along with important considerations to keep in mind to safeguard your data and collaborate seamlessly with your team. This will empower you to manage your Notion workspace effectively, keeping it aligned with your current needs and objectives.

In Notion, while direct deletion of a workspace is not an option, archiving it offers a practical solution to remove it from view. Below are steps to delete a teamspace in Notion:


1. Click on “Settings & members” in the left pane of your Notion screen.

Start by navigating to your Notion interface. On the left side of your screen, you'll notice a sidebar that organizes your pages, workspaces, and various tools. Within this sidebar, look for the option labeled “Settings & Members.” This is typically represented by a gear icon or directly named, making it easily identifiable among other options. Click on “Settings & Members” to proceed. This action will take you to a new screen where you can manage various aspects of your Notion setup, including workspace settings, member permissions, and more, setting the stage for the next steps in deleting your teamspace.

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2. Click on “Teamspaces” and then on the “...” icon next to the teamspace you want to archive.

Once you are in the "Settings & Members" section, you will find a list of different settings options available for customization and management of your Notion environment. From this list, locate and click on the “Teamspaces” option. This will present you with an overview of all the workspaces associated with your account.

In the displayed list of your Teamspaces, identify the one you wish to archive. Each teamspace will have a “...” icon, often referred to as the "more options" or "actions" icon, situated next to its name. This icon is your gateway to accessing a variety of actions you can take regarding that particular teamspace. Click on this “...” icon next to the teamspace you're aiming to archive. This will prompt a dropdown menu to appear, offering several options related to managing the selected teamspace.

3. Finally, click on Archive.

After clicking the “...” icon next to the teamspace you wish to archive, a dropdown menu will appear with several options. Look through these options to find the one labeled “Archive.” This specific option is designed to move your selected teamspace out of your active workspace list, effectively hiding it from your main view without permanently deleting its contents. Click on “Archive” to initiate the process. A prompt may appear asking for confirmation to ensure that you want to archive the teamspace. Confirm your choice if required. Once completed, the teamspace will be archived, and it will no longer appear in your active workspaces list, helping you maintain a cleaner and more focused Notion environment.

4. Verify successful archiving of the teamspace

After archiving the teamspace, it's important to verify that the process was successful to ensure your Notion environment remains organized and clutter-free. To do this, return to the main screen of your Notion interface. If you were working in the "Settings & Members" section, you could simply navigate back to your dashboard or workspace overview by selecting the appropriate option in the left-hand pane or using the back function of your browser or Notion app.

Once you're back to your dashboard, observe the sidebar or the area where your teamspaces are usually listed. The teamspace you've archived should no longer be visible among the active teamspaces. If you want to see all archived items, you might need to access a specific section dedicated to archived content within Notion, which can usually be found in the settings or by searching within Notion's help resources on how to view archived items.

For further assurance, you can revisit the “Settings & Members” section and then go to “Teamspaces” once again to see if the archived teamspace now resides in a different section or is indicated as archived. This step is a good practice to ensure that your actions have taken effect as intended, keeping your workspace organized and focused on current projects and tasks.

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How to leave a teamspace in Notion?

Leaving a teamspace in Notion is straightforward, but the specific steps can slightly vary depending on how your Notion setup is organized, especially if you're part of multiple teamspaces. Here’s a general guide on how to leave a teamspace:

  1. Open Notion and Navigate to the Teamspace: Start by opening Notion and navigating to the teamspace you wish to leave. This is done by selecting the teamspace from the list on the left side of your Notion window if you’re using a desktop, or from the sidebar menu if you’re on mobile.

  2. Access Settings & Members: Within the teamspace, look for the "Settings & Members" option. This is often found by clicking on the name of the teamspace at the top of your screen or by selecting a settings icon that may appear on the sidebar or within the teamspace's main dashboard.

  3. Find the Members Section: Inside "Settings & Members," navigate to a section or tab that lists all members of the teamspace. This could be directly under "Settings & Members" or within a specific "Members" tab.

  4. Locate Your Profile: Scroll through the list of members until you find your profile. There might be an option directly next to your name or an "..." icon (more options) beside your profile details.

  5. Choose to Leave: Upon finding your profile, look for an option to “Leave teamspace,” “Remove me from teamspace,” or similar wording. The exact phrasing can vary, but the functionality will be to remove your profile from the teamspace. Click on this option.

  6. Confirm Your Decision: After selecting the option to leave, a confirmation prompt may appear asking you to verify your choice. Confirm that you want to leave the teamspace. This step ensures that you don’t accidentally exit a teamspace you intended to stay in.

  7. Verify Departure: Once you’ve confirmed your decision to leave, you should be automatically removed from the teamspace. You can verify this by checking your Notion sidebar or workspace list— the teamspace you left should no longer appear. If you’re using Notion in a web browser, you might also refresh the page to update your workspace list.

It’s important to note that leaving a teamspace might affect your access to certain pages or content you previously had access to within that teamspace. If you’re unsure about leaving or if you think you might need access in the future, consider reaching out to the teamspace admin or reviewing your decision before proceeding.

How to delete a workspace in Notion?

Deleting a workspace in Notion is a significant action that permanently removes all content within that workspace, including any pages, databases, and shared materials. It's essential to proceed with caution and ensure that all valuable data is backed up or no longer needed before deletion. Here's how to delete a workspace in Notion:

  1. Back Up Important Content: Before deleting your workspace, make sure to export and save any important pages or information you wish to keep. You can export pages by opening the page, clicking on the "..." (more options) button at the top right corner, and selecting "Export."

  2. Navigate to Settings & Members: Log in to your Notion account and go to the workspace you intend to delete. Access the "Settings & Members" area by clicking on your workspace name in the upper left corner, then select "Settings & Members" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Go to the Settings Tab: Within "Settings & Members," look for a tab or section labeled "Settings," "Workspace Settings," or something similar. This section contains various configuration options for your workspace.

  4. Scroll to the 'Danger Zone': At the bottom of the workspace settings page, there's usually a section marked as "Danger Zone," "Delete Workspace," or a similarly cautionary label. This area contains options for making significant changes to your workspace, including deletion.

  5. Initiate Workspace Deletion: Find the button or link that allows you to delete the workspace. This is often labeled "Delete Workspace," "Permanently Delete," or something along those lines. Click on this option.

  6. Confirm the Deletion: Upon initiating the deletion, you'll likely be asked to confirm your decision. This step might include entering the name of the workspace or your password as a security measure to prevent accidental deletions. Carefully follow the prompts to confirm that you indeed wish to permanently delete the workspace.

  7. Complete the Deletion Process: After confirming your decision, the workspace and all its contents will be permanently deleted. You will be redirected to a confirmation page or another part of your Notion account, depending on the platform's design at the time.

Remember, once a workspace is deleted, it cannot be recovered, and all data within that workspace will be lost. If you're part of a team or collaborating with others in the workspace you plan to delete, it's crucial to inform them of your intentions and ensure they have saved any necessary information. Consider reaching out to Notion's support team if you have any concerns or need further assistance with the deletion process.

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1. Why can't I leave a teamspace in Notion?

You might not be able to leave a teamspace in Notion if you're the sole owner or the only member left in the teamspace, as Notion requires at least one member to maintain the workspace. Additionally, if there are subscription or billing roles tied to your account within the teamspace, you may need to address those before leaving. Technical issues or restrictions set within the teamspace's settings could also prevent you from leaving. Ensure any of these conditions are resolved, or contact Notion support for assistance.

2. How to remove members from Notion teamspace?

To remove members from a Notion teamspace, go to “Settings & Members” from the left-hand side menu within the teamspace. Then, navigate to the “Members” section, find the member you wish to remove, click the three dots or similar icon next to their name for more options, and select “Remove from teamspace” or a similarly labeled option. Confirm the removal when prompted.

3. How to restore deleted teamspaces in Notion?

Restoring deleted teamspaces in Notion directly isn't possible once they are permanently deleted. However, if you're looking to recover content from an archived teamspace, you can unarchive it by going to your workspace settings, finding the archived items section, and selecting the option to unarchive the teamspace. If you've accidentally deleted a teamspace, contacting Notion's support team as soon as possible might be your best option to explore any potential for recovery.

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